Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working to lose

I have been working out to lose weight since December last year. And I'm telling you, I've been pleased about the result. To date I have lost at least 3 kilos. I'm 68.3 kg from 71.5 kg. Well I became serious about it just early this month when I weighed myself and found that I'd lost about 1 kg. I am so happy about this change and decided to work more for my health.

I was 22 when I left the Philippines to work overseas. I weighed 54kg and was very thin. You might not be able to recognize me when you see the old photos of mine. Vietnam made me big. The food there was simply irresistible. I started to gain some weight. Little by little...more and more - until I become like this. When my father was diagnosed to have diabetes, I was very alarmed and scared knowing that some of my relatives died of heart complications. It runs in the family. 

When I was transferred to Singapore, I became bigger. It was just hard to discipline myself when there was plenty of food to eat. I enrolled to a gym but still wasn't able to curb some weight. 

When I moved here in Jakarta in December, I told myself 'this is the moment'.
Me at an aerobics class in Jakarta.

I want to share you my dear readers (as if there is someone reading my boring blog) my secret of losing weight and my journey to a healthy lifestyle. 

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