Saturday, May 03, 2014

Watch Filipino TV channel online for free!

To be updated of what is going on in the Philippines, many OFWs depend on various news websites and YouTube. But do you know that you can also watch a Filipino channel online for free? Yes, that's right. Dubbed as the only public service channel in the Philippines UNTV can be watched via And if you're an iOS user you can just download the UNTV app via the App Store.

Aside from UNTV Channel, you can also monitor La Verdad 1350 which is its AM radio station counterpart. You can listen to only live drama radio program Dear Kuya, hosted by UNTV CEO Mr. Daniel Razon.

You don't have to pay anything to download the app and watch Filipino news unlike other TV networks in the Philippines.

If you miss the live streaming, don't worry! You can check the uploaded programs on their YouTube channel -

Make friends and learn a new language

I just want to share this awesome website for language learning - I've been using this site for more than 4 years now and I can tell you how useful this is especially for language learners at any level. Registering is free of charge but if you want to request a lesson with any teacher, you can link your Paypal or credit card.

But don't worry if you don't want to spend any, italki works like a social network platform as well. You can make friends with someone who speaks the language you want to learn. You can also exchange your time teaching your native language for time learning a foreign language. 

For fellow teachers, here's the good news! You can earn extra by spending your time teaching you native language. There are thousands of students who are looking for the right teacher for them. Once your account is ready, you can apply as a teacher and start earning. italki has also special referral program this month of May!

It's not too late to learn something new. Instead of wasting your time reading Facebook threads, why don't you sign up now, meet people, learn and earn!

Duolingo: The best language app ever

Learning a new language can be challenging and boring for many. And with thousands of language-learning applications available to download, it is so confusing which one is the best. Well there is an app called Duolingo. It boasts positive reviews from various publications including The Wall Street Journal. According to TWSJ, it is 'far and away the best language-learning app'.

Duolingo is a free app without ads or hidden charges. But as of the moment, the are only few available languages to learn like Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

Watch the Duolingo introduction here.

Enjoy playing with your friends or against the bot.
Track your progress
With Duolingo, you can practice your writing and listening skills.

You can have fun while learning a new language and compete with your friends as you level up. To be able to save your progress, you mush create a profile or link your Facebook account for easy access.

Happy download!

Friday, May 02, 2014

What app, doc?

As of April 2014, there are more that 1 million apps available in the  App Store and about 70 billion applications have been downloaded as of Apirl 2014. How cool is that!

This blog is will review apps that are download-worthy and also get the comments of other iOS users around the globe. Posts are mainly opinion from the blogger and do not represent any group or association. So for the meantime, seat back and relax as I bring you the latest iOS apps updates.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Is there still war in Vietnam?

I often get this question from people who are not-so-updated about the current happenings in the world today. I do not blame them. It's just annoying sometimes especially if they know that you've been living there for years. A friend of mine had the idea of making a short documentary about the present Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The video is not out yet but I made a teaser. Hope you like it.