Saturday, May 03, 2014

Duolingo: The best language app ever

Learning a new language can be challenging and boring for many. And with thousands of language-learning applications available to download, it is so confusing which one is the best. Well there is an app called Duolingo. It boasts positive reviews from various publications including The Wall Street Journal. According to TWSJ, it is 'far and away the best language-learning app'.

Duolingo is a free app without ads or hidden charges. But as of the moment, the are only few available languages to learn like Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

Watch the Duolingo introduction here.

Enjoy playing with your friends or against the bot.
Track your progress
With Duolingo, you can practice your writing and listening skills.

You can have fun while learning a new language and compete with your friends as you level up. To be able to save your progress, you mush create a profile or link your Facebook account for easy access.

Happy download!

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